Saturday, December 11, 2021

Ideal Gifts for Christmas: Red Christmas Patterned Illustrations

Do you love red designs as I do? No it's not about Valentines Day, it's Christmas! Best, cheap and personalized items all from one of my favorite Red Christmas Patterned Illustrations to buy our loved ones as we celebrate the Blessed Season of the year.

If so, you can choose any products under my Red Christmas Patterned Illustrations, perfect for any member of the family.

Great gifts for Christmas parties, underneath the Christmas trees, for promotions of your business and during the Christmas eve. 

The products I made under this illustration are for the whole family, mom, dad, sister and brother or even with the extended family Grandma, Grandpa, Uncles and Aunties. Some of the products are also for promotional items and giveaways for those of us who have businesses. Family includes friends and co-workers. All products click below:

My favorite color, "Red" inspired me to create this pattern design. No other colors can make me take a second look to any thing in the world other than red in a consistent manner. 

And Christmas is that time of year when you can express who you really are through colors. Red is associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. These things comprises my personality. Sometimes, I incorporate Red as the color of fun and happiness, too. 

If you love the color red, you may like any of the products I made here. 

As someone who has been painting, illustrating and experimenting with pattern designs for almost a year, it's my pleasure to be part of your Christmas this year when you take home any of these products.

When you are at Zazzle, you can add your custom wording to this design by using the "Edit this design template" boxes on the right hand side of the item, or click the blue "Customize it" button to arrange the text, change the fonts and colors and to also add additional information or images to this design.

All of my designs can be transferred to any product that Zazzle carries. Just follow the step below:

  1. Use the ‘Transfer this Design’ Link.
  2. Open the product page with the product where the design currently lives.
  3. Scroll down to the area called ‘About This Design’ and you’ll see a link for ‘Transfer this design’ to another product. That link will take you to a page of blank products.
  4. From there, just click on the product you want to move the design to.
  5. If you need to tweak the placement or size of the design, go to ‘Click to customize further’ and you can modify it within the design tool.

For custom requests, please contact me at We work with Zazzle's print on demand service to ensure high quality products at an affordable price for our clients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Visit my shop here and take advantage of the Zazzle promotions and discounts. Should you have any design suggestions or requests, feel free to message me.

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