Saturday, November 13, 2021

How to Pair Pattern Designs to Another Patterned Clothing

Do you love pattern designs but don't know how to combine them with other pattern designs or even with the plain ones? In this blog post I will share to you the tips on how to wear pattern design clothes and how you can combine them together.

Actually, I have my own style when it comes to fashion. I tend to be flashy just to look attractive up to the point when I feel "baduy" for wearing mismatched clothes.

Since I love patterns and I am a working mother dealing with my big bosses all the time, I know that I need to be careful on how I look and project myself to others. My credibility depends on it. 

If you are like me in this struggle, read on the tips I've gathered online to help us through.

How to Wear Pattern Design Clothes?

  • Wear it with accessories like a scarf, bag, or a tie. Add printed accessories to the outfit that already features some pattern.
  • Pair your patterned blouse or shirt with a business suit.
  • Wear a skirt, trousers, jacket or coat in an obviously patterned fabric.
  • Pair Pattern design with neutrals or one plain color that matches the pattern.

How to Combine Pattern-Patterns Wardrobe?

  • Have one primary color and stick to this one color group to ensure a harmonious look even when two or three patterns are used. Example, pastel stripe to pastel floral.
  • Match at least one color that brings the whole look together.
  • Think about scale. Narrow and wide stripes can work well together; equally the same scale but different colors.
  • Florals tend to work well with other florals or with stripes, checks and polka dots.
  • If you are really confident, use at least three patterns. For a less tense look try two patterns and a neutral.
  • Start with classic simple prints like stripes, polka dots, and florals layered by a bolder print like an exciting geometric pattern layered on top.
  • Select two prints that don’t share any commonalities then wear a black blazer or denim jacket over it.
  • Pair a small-scale print with a large-scale print.
  • You can mix a monochrome pattern, like a red-and-white polka dot, with a multicolor pattern that features the color from monochrome like a red floral print.
  • Horizontal stripe and floral works together.
  • Match the colors not prints.
  • Spread patterns evenly across your outfit, Example, one on top near the neck, the other at the bottom of your blouse or shirt.

I am now sure I will never look so "baduy" (unfashionable) again even when combining patterned wardrobe I have in my closets. All I need to do is to go back to this list as my reference. You can use this, too.

If you have any other suggestions that I can add to this bullet, let me know in the comments.

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