Tuesday, October 26, 2021

How I Make these Two New Patterns after Watching a Video

I am so happy to learn two new ways of making patterns to add to my collection of knowledge. As all you know, I am a self-taught artist and my way of learning is by reading and watching videos of the generous artists online who shared their knowledge for free. 

Part of documenting this journey is by sharing to you how I learned the tricks and tried them on my own. Here are the results of following the instruction on the video:

Amazing, right? These seamless patterns will become part of my pattern shop for Christmas collection. If you happened to like them, come and visit my shop.

Here's the video that teaches me all that: How to Make Cute Seamless Patterns in Photoshop CC | Tutorial by Pretty Little Lines:

Now, you have the idea on how I've made new pattern designs on the shop. You may also want to read the following for more tips through videos that taught me how to create seamless patterns:

10 Must-Watch Videos and How I Make a Hand Drawn Seamless Pattern

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