Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sight-seeing after the Vaccine 2021!

Finally, done with my second dose of vaccine! The first time I had it, I had chest pain and rashes that lasted six days. I don't wanna have it again, seriously.

I freaked out at that time because I thought I would be hospitalized or rushed to the ER. Given the many horror stories of AstraZeneca, I am really afraid.


Of course, I am not afraid of dying because I know where I am going but as a mother, my fear sprang from the thought of who would take care of my children when their father is not that caring to them.

Their dad is an easy-go-lucky person who simply sleeps 24-48 hours when he's in deep trouble. He doesn't care if his children have eaten their lunch or not. For as long as he's not eating and he's sleeping no one should eat as well. 

He's the type who gets easily confused and paralyzed. Added to the turmoil is having far relatives who cannot rescue my kids any time.

When I think of this, I cannot help but pray for the Lord's help and peace of mind. For sure, if He would take away my life, He would care also for my kids and provide for them until they are settled where they should--with my family in Bicol. 

My parents and my siblings also sent their encouragement via messenger.

Good thing, after six days, that chest pain ended. Today, with my second dose, I drank anti-allergy right away after the vaccine. Thank God, there were no harsh side-effects this time, I had no rashes and chest pain at all.

I still managed to roam around Taguig with my husband, amazed with all the newly Christmas decorated areas. How I wish, I could once again bring the kids with us during this season.

 Little by little, we're seeing the light. 

Once everybody else is vaccinated, maybe we could all enjoy going outside again. That's something to look forward to.

What is your experience with  your first and second dose vaccine? Tell me on the comments!

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