Thursday, October 21, 2021

New Clipart for my Next Surface Pattern Design

This is the new clipart I've been working on since last weekend. I'm proud to say that this is well thought of when it comes to its trendy color! I'm glad I now know how to upload the pattern in many products on Zazzle all at once. Continue reading to know how.

Well, the process is tedious. In two days I've completed only one category -- "Home". Later I will work on the rest. Good thing because of the vaccination schedule of my second dose, my boss allowed me for three days vacation, five in all including Saturday and Sunday. Isn't it great?

This means I have plenty of time to work here and in my shop. Yay!

Now if you are wondering where I have found the idea on how to upload a pattern in several products on Zazzle, you can find it in the blog post of Lyfepile. As all you know, I am not fond of listing the step by step process. Instead, I will tell you the reference I found helpful to me. Read on...

How To Use Zazzle Quick Create Tool to Upload Designs Fast

That's the most clear and easy-to-follow instruction on how to do that. I'm very much excited now to upload products knowing that it wouldn't be that tedious moving forward. With just a few clicks, I can create many products all at once.

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