Friday, October 29, 2021

10 Proven and Tested Ways to Decorate your House with Pattern Designs

Granted, you love pattern designs and you want to decorate your house with one of your favorites. The question is how? What are the things to consider before even buying the piece you love? Are there home decoration rules to follow to make your house look elegant or at least, cohesive and pleasing?

As all you know, I am fascinated with creating pattern designs lately. This is apparent in the designs I've made in my Zazzle store.

The moment I discovered how to create one in Photoshop out of my watercolor designs, I became so obsessed with it that all my research, my paintings and posts became all about patterns.

Until I stop momentarily to ask myself, where I should be using it? How about you who's maybe interested in buying these patterns, how in the world would you be using the stuff I have put my patterns on?

This thinking made me jump out of my feet and research about decorating our house with pattern designs.

Like you, I love decorations. I love everything that can make my small apartment look stunningly attractive. This made me inspired to work and go home each day. I also love how guests would praise the decorations in the house or the arrangements or my artworks display.

And since I have a lot of curtains and bedsheets and carpets in print, I know I can benefit from the advice I have in this blog post, and so are you.

Bookmark this as your reference or take note of these tips I have accumulated from my readings. Here are the...

10 Proven and Tested Ways to Decorate your House with Pattern Designs

1. Think of scale. Use large scale patterns as the dominant part of the room and smaller to medium scale patterns for accents.

2. Use similar color schemes. It can create pleasing aesthetics while still offering variety. You can mix almost any combination of patterns if you stick to a cohesive color scheme. Either use colors that have the same hue and intensity or choose tone-on-tone patterns.

3. Match simple and complex patterns together. If you’re nervous to mix patterns together in a room, start by trying this simple strategy: choose one shade and try 3-4 different patterns all in that shade.

4. Pick only 3-4 patterns to stick with as you develop your style.

5. Provide contrast. Using lighter and darker colors can help certain parts of the pattern and the room stand out as your eyes are drawn to them. Repeat the motif. The key here is to go for a big contrast in scale. For instance, you could pair a small-scale floral-print pillow with a sofa featuring large blooms.

6. Think of balance. Make sure that the pattern designs are flowing throughout the room and not concentrated in one area only. Distribute patterns evenly throughout the room for balance

7. Pay attention to what will work or not. For example, stripes work well with floral while plaids or checkered will not work with polka dots. A table setting is a great place to start. Experiment until you find a style you like, then emulate it on a larger scale in a room.

8. Pair your large pattern design with two small, thumbnail-size patterns of the same backgrounds. Small prints in faded hues feel feminine while bold and vivid primary colors and large floral patterns can take on a modern-art vibe and are more male-friendly.

9. A large print on smaller items looks modern and cool, while some things with the mini version of the same pattern would have a sweet, vintage feel.

10. Tone down with neutral colors. The non-patterned space will help tone down the busy print, making it easier to work with, while retaining some of your gusto in a certain piece or space. Make sure you have a few solids to break up the expanses of pattern. For example, if your curtains are patterned, add in solid color shades or sheers. Patterns work best when they have plenty of room to breathe in a space.

The next time I redecorate the rooms in my house, I’ll go back here and re-read these tips. I surely follow each of these pieces of advice by heart.

How about you? Have you gotten the idea on how to use patterns to enliven your room and make it look elegantly attractive? Do you have any more tips to add on? Let us know in the comments.

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