Friday, September 10, 2021

painting leaves pattern with my son - a perfect bonding

What kind of art activities do you have with your children today? Do you love painting watercolor patterns? 

pattern painting

My son loves to paint abstractly. I asked him to add some leaves over it to form patterns. So glad he’s very much willing to cooperate. I drew the leaves and he painted.

pattern painting

My love for pattern designs started when I opened my shop and started surface design patterns. Who wouldn't love it? It's very easy to create and it's so loveable when applied to any products under the sun. Check out here

pattern painting

With this one, Hywell painted an abstract then painted leaves over it to create an awesome art. The notebook that he's using was his old grade three notebook. We're recycling them for the sake of economy and practice. 

pattern painting

The children may not create a design worthy of selling but creating something like this together is a perfect bonding time for us especially that he's still staying in the house and is so bored! 

Well, classes will start by Monday, it's the best time to savor the last few days of vacation by creating art instead of playing games in his iPad. What do you think?

pattern painting

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