Wednesday, September 1, 2021

How to Draw a Daisy Easy | Autodesk Sketchbook | Time Lapsed

Why am I creating How to Draw videos nowadays?

For months, I have been contemplating the things I can share with my followers that would help them in any way. I don’t want to be stuck with simply creating for myself or for sale. I want to share the things I am good at.

With that I have to ask myself where I am really good at? Well, I can paint watercolor but that’s not where I excel the most (gasps!). I am dumb with color combinations. I can paint, yes, but not to the point that I can teach others about it.

I am really good at drawing though, that I have no doubt because I have been drawing since I was in nursery school. No one teaches me how to draw, I learned from observations. So this is what I want to impart. I believe that drawing is the basic knowledge you must possess to become a good artist.

I have this heart for the children who are just learning to draw. I also have the heart for the moms, aunts and grandmothers who can greatly influence the children and who have the desire to draw but just don’t know how.

I hope that by sharing the years of my knowledge in drawing, you and your kids can learn how to draw as well. Double tap if this is helpful! This would encourage me to share more!

Don't Forget to get your FREE Printables here. I am planning to fill the page of about 100 FREE PDF Download for you to enjoy.


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