Monday, September 27, 2021

How I make a Half-drop Pattern Design for Christmas

Ever wonder how to make a half drop pattern?

Let me share to you the YouTube video I've watched to learn this design:

If previously, this is how I make my pattern, now I found out that the above pattern design is much better. At first, I thought I couldn't make one on Photoshop and that it's only possible with a traditional pattern.

Thanks to this video, I am finally able to create a pattern design that I can do over and over to my next products.

At this time, I am gearing my art towards digital designs. I am becoming interested in flat illustrations or designs I can create on Canva. I will try creating the old MS Paint and Autodesk Sketchbook soon, too.

Why? Because digital designs are more clean, more economical (there's no need to buy art tools), paperless (no need for sketchbooks and watercolor papers), you can do it anywhere even with your smartphone, and of course, the end results are more suitable for my target audience.

Take time to watch the video if you want to know my process. I am documenting my processes here as well as my little successes in terms of sale for you to know how I am doing in terms of business and designs.

Visit my store for new designs. If you happen to buy one of my products let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram. I want to know more about you, what you want for my products or what else I can offer in my store.

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