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20 Autumn Theme Watercolor Gift Ideas for School Girls

School days officially started last September 13 here in the Philippines. Just about the same month of the start of classes in different parts of the world. Now is the best time to replace all that old stuff that you or your children no longer use or get tired of using.

I got you covered!


Since July, I have been creating these designs inspired by the Autumn Season. This was the time when I first fell in love with pattern designs. I never thought that these were wonderful to look at on any surface I could put them on. So colorful, whimsical, there’s absolutely no dull moments when you're surrounded with these designs.

My process in creating these designs are as follows:
  • Draw each element one by one.
  • Color them with watercolors.
  • Scan.
  • Edit in Photoshop.
  • Create a pattern in Photoshop because I don't know how to use Illustrator yet.
  • Upload my designs on Zazzle and create the products.
Today, I want to present to you the 20+ Autumn Theme Watercolor Gift Ideas for School Girls. If you are looking for a gift this Thanksgiving, Halloween or Birthdays--gifts that the children and teens can also use in school, here are the different gift ideas you can consider. And if you will check my shop now, you will get 15% Off with the code ZHURRYTOSAVE.

#1. Organizer

Keep your desk organize when you finish your assignment this schools days with this Rustic Watercolor Pattern of Gnomes and Mushrooms Desk Organizer.

Rustic Watercolor Pattern of Gnomes and Mushrooms Desk Organizer
Rustic Watercolor Pattern of Gnomes and Mushrooms Desk Organizer
by jennifer_espina_art

2. Notebooks

It's time to back to school! It's time once again to have uniformed subject notebooks that have your initials in it. Monogrammed Back to School Gnomes and Mushroom notebook is best for you. From Grade School to High School, notebooks is something you can't live without. Why not make it so unique and personalized with your initials? And since this is inspired of Autumn, it's perfect as a useful Thanksgiving gift as well.

Monogrammed Back to School Gnomes and Mushroom Notebook
Monogrammed Back to School Gnomes and Mushroom Notebook
by jennifer_espina_art

#3. Binders 

Keep important pieces of paper and find them later with this Fall Leaves Pattern Watercolor School Organizer 3 ring binder. Organize your subjects, projects, notes and so much more of your collectibles stuff. It features watercolor pattern of fall leaves and other foliage. Personalize by adding your name or short phrase. This binder will be perfect as a personalized gift this school year.

Tote bags are a great place to keep your books on the way to class or fit in a laptop or the notes you need for important school works. Here's the Autumn Watercolor Floral Pumpkins Pattern Tote Bag. A customizable floral tote bag featuring watercolor illustrations of pumpkins, autumn or fall leaves and other floral and foliage accents in a seamless cute pattern.

Cute Watercolor School Pretty Girls in Autumn Drawstring bag. Toss all your items for school, art or extra-clothes or shoes into this girly lightweight patterned bag. Just pull the drawstring and you're ready to go! This drawstring backpack has a pretty autumn leaves pattern in shades of orange, yellow, red and green. Pattern is in a quilted looks.

Create your own designer wallet by customizing this Rustic Watercolor Gnomes and Mushrooms Autumn Trifold Wallet. Autumn inspired. Personalized pattern with your initials. Perfect as thanksgiving of school items' gift.

Here's the Flower Watercolor Rustic Pink Yellow Patterned High-Top Sneakers you can wear yourself in school or anywhere and give as a gift. Featuring a pink watercolor flower in glossy pink and yellow background. The name at the back of the shoes can be customized.

Looking for a gift this Thanksgiving? Why not give her this pair of socks featuring different watercolor pumpkins in shades of yellow, orange, green and grey? Monogram name initial is on it to make it all hers and for her to easily locate her socks when mix with other siblings socks. Perfect this Autumn/Fall and celebrating the harvest season of the year!

Rustic Monogram Autumn Pattern Watercolor iPhone 8/7 Case is something you can consider for the girls in the family to look trendy this season. Unique design featuring Gnomes, acorn and fall leaves in watercolor. 100% handmade just for you.

Transfer your data from your computer and keep them safe for longer than a hard drive. It's portable and can be used for multiple purposes. In addition to that, they are durable. This flash drive features Autumn leaves and foliage painted in watercolor. Colors are red, orange, yellow and green. Perfect for your own use or as a gift this Thanksgiving season.

My favorite! It's time to replace your old mousepad with this new Whimsical Rustic Gnomes Watercolor Mousepad. It's fun and colorful! You will surely enjoy the fast surfing and browsing the internet with the comfort of this mousepad without scratching the surface of your desk. Perfect for you or as gift this Thanksgiving or Halloween holidays.

Minimize the amount of dust or debris that laptops come into contact with, protect it against minor knocks and bumps by using this Leafy Autumn Rustic Watercolor Monogramed Laptop Sleeve. Customized the initials. For your own use or as a gift. An elegant pattern design perfect for you to be trendy this season.

Make sure never to be thirsty again with this elegant Golden Monogramed Watercolor Autumn Pattern Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Be trendy, unique, and personal! Gnomes, mushrooms, fall leaves. Perfect for girl teens this Autumn school days.

Need to replace that ink-exhausted pen? Not because you can take notes using your smart phone, tablet, iPad or laptop means a pen is longer needed in school. Nope! Kids Child Children Teen Girly Watercolor Autumn Black Ink Pen is a patterned design pen with your name that can be customized. Pen's color can be replaced, too. the overall shades are in orange featuring pumpkins and flowers. Perfect for school or for gifts this Thanksgiving.

Fall -- A season of Thanksgiving and Harvest, "Happy Fall Y' All" a Watercolor Rustic Autumn Keychain you can customize to celebrate this season of share as a gift. Featuring fall leaves and foliage hand painted in watercolor. The colors are pink, purple, yellow, red, orange, green and brown.

Be identified by teachers and classmates with this Girl Name Pumpkins Pattern Watercolor Orange Button when you are in school. Autumn theme featuring pumpkins, leaves and flowers in shades of orang, pink, red, brown and green. Perfect as a gift, too.

#17. Compact Mirror

Be pretty all the time at home, mall or in school with this stylish Monogramed Pumpkins, Flowers, and Fall Leaves Compact Mirror. This is in shades of green, orange, and red. Perfect to own or give as a gift for teens. Initials can be customized.

Keep those wild locks of hair back using this Nature Leaves Watercolor Seasonal Autumn Leaves Athletic Headband featuring fall leaves in watercolor. Shades are in red, orange, green and yellow. Perfect to wear or as a gift this Thanksgiving season.

Avoid Painful Chapped Lips with this Chap Stick Thank You Baby Shower Favours Autumn Lip Balm designed with fall leaves hand painted watercolor pattern. Perfect for your own use or giveaway as a thank you gift for baby showers, birthdays or any other occasion especially this Thanksgiving season.

Keep your hands clean all the time especially nowadays! Use this Pumpkins Watercolor Pattern Monogram Hand Sanitizer as often as you can all day. Initials can be customized with yours or the recipient's. 

Add your custom wording to this design by using the "Edit this design template" boxes on the right hand side of the item, or click the blue "Customize it" button to arrange the text, change the fonts and colors and to also add additional information or images to this design.

All of my designs can be transferred to any product that Zazzle carries. Just use the ‘Transfer this Design’ Link. Open the product page with the product where the design currently lives. Scroll down to the area called ‘About This Design’ and you’ll see a link for ‘Transfer this design’ to another product. That link will take you to a page of blank products. From there, just click on the product you want to move the design to. If you need to tweak the placement or size of the design, go to ‘Click to customize further’ and you can modify it within the design tool.

Matching products are available in the store but if you need any coordinating items, (thank you cards, etc.) please contact me for a custom order. For custom orders, do not place this merchandise in your cart. Instead, click on the "contact seller" button and email me your request. A link to your merchandise will be emailed to you once the item is available. You can use that link to place your order. Please allow up to 48 hours.

For custom requests, please contact me at espinajennifer143(at)gmail(dot)com. We work with Zazzle's print on demand service to ensure high quality products at an affordable price for our clients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I hope you find one that you are looking for in these gift ideas. and if you don't, check out the whole Autumn Theme designs here:

I YouTube videos about drawing, if are interested to watch with your children during free time, click here. My intention is to help you draw so you can guide your children to draw or help them with their projects. If you want to dive deep into sketching and drawing I have two more recommendations:

Learn to Draw like a Master Artist

How to Sketch

This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here.

Thanks for reading this far! 

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