Sunday, September 19, 2021

10 Must-Watch Videos and How I Make a Hand Drawn Seamless Pattern

In this blog post I will share to you how I hand drawn and hand painted a seamless pattern in a traditional way via the references I watched on YouTube. At the end of this blog post, you will:

  • Create your own pattern in an old fashioned way.
  • Have fun making it with your kids.
  • Compare using traditionally to using clipart for pattern designs.
I spent this week studying how to hand draw traditional pattern designs and then, I spent a whole day just painting two patterns in the hopes that it can make my life easy when it comes to creating designs in my Shop.

hand drawn pattern seamless
Image by Canva

Here are the Pros:

  • Easy to create.
  • You will enjoy creating it.
  • You can have all the elements and background in one piece.
  • You will not spend much time drawing every single element and then cleaning them one by one.
  • You can apply it in a pattern in a few steps all at once with desirable results.


It's messy. If you zoom it up in Photoshop, you will find that the cut lines are visible, you will have to use the "Clone Stamp" tool to clean it but still there are some lines and mess you can get rid of just easily. Unlike using cliparts, each single element is clean and you can just place them whenever you are creating your pattern.

The background is messy and full of noise, unlike in clipart process. The pen and pencil lines are visible and hard to erase especially if you have a detailed painting.

This is not good for making art for sale. This is only best for play and for arts activities without intention of selling.

It's hard to crop to make sure all four sides fit together for repeat patterns.

The end results are kind of blurry on screen.

You will not be able to use the elements for another purpose.

How I Make a Hand Drawn Seamless Pattern

How I got the ideas of making one?

The process are simple and you can simply watch the following YouTube videos to learn: 

  1. Seamless Pattern Create by Hand
  2. How to Draw a Surface Pattern by Hand
  3. How to Create Hand Drawn Repeating Patterns (The easiest and my favorite)
  4. How to - Draw a Repeating Pattern Tutorial Part 1
  5. How to Draw Repeating Patterns Art Hack - HGTV Handmade
  6. Designing a Repeat Pattern by Hand
  7. Making a Repeat Pattern by Hand
  8. Create a Seamless Pattern by Hand 
  9. Hand-Drawn Repeated Pattern Tutorial
  10. Repeat Patterns by Hand 

If you watched all of these, I bet you have now the idea on how to make your own old fashioned pattern or perhaps, you even have now the ideas on what to paint or draw. These are just some, I know there are lots on YouTube to watch further if you are interested to learn this.  

As a bonus, here is the 5 Steps to Illustrating a Repeat Pattern by Hand.  If you have no time watching videos, this one illustrates exactly how to do it by pictures. 

How I Make a Hand Drawn Seamless Pattern

My Conclusion:

Do this if you just want an activity to practice or just to have fun with patterns and watercolor. If you want to use this in business and personal use, follow the number three tutorial, I found this very easy.

I hope you like this blog post. Feel free to leave your thoughts and share this to a friend who might be interested in pattern designs. 

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