Tuesday, August 24, 2021

How to Draw a Cute Pig for Beginners


Now more than ever, our children, especially those who have inclinations to draw or make art, need our guidance and support. Knowing that many benefits of art can help them cope in their current situations.

Perhaps you are there watching them try to draw but you can’t help because you don’t know how to. Maybe, you have that desire in you to learn with her but you just don’t know where and how to start.

I feel you. That is why I started this YouTube Channel and this is my first video on how to draw animals. My purpose is to teach the kids and their moms, grandma, aunties, or any of their guardians and nannies to learn the basics of drawings so they, too, can help teach their child how to draw.

Here you can see me draw line after line in real time, sketching and erasing, messing and fixing because this is how drawing is all about. Perfection is not the goal but giving an image of your imagination.

Since I learned from watching, I believe you can learn by watching, too, just like a friend watching a friend draw while you are sitting side-by-side on the grass.

You can learn from me, video after video and in turn, you can teach your children and help them gain the many benefits of drawing. This can be a great cure to boredom and this is good for their mental health, too.

Friedrich Nietzche said, “Art exists so that reality does not destroy us.” As it is helping me to cope and fight the stress of reality, I believe you and your children can be helped by drawing, too.

Having said that, now is the time to start learning to draw. You and I have the inert artist in us to help them.

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