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7 Mindset Shifts you Need for Start-up (for Artists Selling Products Online)

Do you find it hard to succeed in any business undertakings? In this blog post I will help you examine the limiting beliefs that you have and the 7 mindset shifts you need to finally reach that one million goal. 

Hi this is Jenn and welcome once again in my blog where I am currently sharing my knowledge on how you can start your business online especially in the field of watercolor designs. 

To those of you who are new here, I want you to know that I am now experimenting in POD (Print on Demand) site like  Zazzle. Here is where I am building my business because this is related to my passion in life which is watercolor painting. Nowadays, I am specializing in watercolor invitations and greeting cards. 

I started this business in the hopes of leaving my very stressful job. I really want to spend the rest of my in painting and graphic designs. I am also trying my luck here because if I will succeed, I will share my knowledge to all of you. 

However, this journey is not easy. At the startup there are many things to consider---building a website, signing up to Zazzle, growing Instagram followers organically, SEO, finding niche, choosing the products that really sells, choosing the business suitable for youdefining your purpose and strategies and many more. 

The problem is, even if you started strong if your mindset remains the same, you will remain where you are and will not reach great heights. 

In this blogpost, I would like to tackle six of the mindset shifts that we need to do to make sure we start strong and reach success in any online business. 

Remember that no matter how good we are in the designs or painting aspects or even in marketing or selling, if we have improper mindset, we will not succeed. 

Let's begin...

1. Believe that it is possible.

Believe that you can earn a million dollar (not anything less) in your business and it is possible. 

For so many years, I've been dreaming of Php 1000 a day earnings but until know I feel I am not yet reaching it in my job. Why is that? 

There's two things to consider here, one is to set the highest amount  you want to earn (be specific) and then start to believe that you deserve it given that you have the talent and you put much effort to achieve it. Two, one million is your reward so instead of refusing it, learn to accept it or claim it as early in your start-up. Be thankful of having it. Welcome and embrace this amount early on and be prepared when it comes. 

Understand that this not a wishful thinking or being unrealistic. Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.” It's more about letting go of the impossible and welcoming the possible. If others are enjoying their millions, that means you can have and enjoy it, too. 

2. Give yourself permissions to earn a million. 

To avoid your limiting beliefs you must give yourself permission to deserve a million or even billions. Open your door wide and make your dreams a reality. 

'When we open our minds to unlimited creative power, we will call forth abundance and see and experience a whole new world." --- The Secret

 No matter what being rich looks like to you, you deserve every bit of it and you can have it all in this lifetime. You can be a millionaire especially at this point of internet and social media era regardless of age, race or gender. 

In fact this is the very important mindset shift that you must do because most of the times, we are the ones who limit ourselves. We self-pity, we talk to ourselves as if we have no rights for any wealth this life could offer, we believe that if we become rich we would become bad like most of the filthy rich people we know. Ultimately, this becomes our truth. 

But today, we need to put that down and little by little allow ourselves to invite the millions in our lives. 

Next time a negative thought floats across your mind replace it with the new belief. 

Next time you think that you will become a bad person, think how rich your Creator is. This million is but small to Him and He can give that to you if you are willing to accept it, grow it and offer it back to Him by helping His people. 

Combat your negative thoughts by inspiring people of what you achieve because at the end of it all, you will have a story to tell where others can benefit.

3. Frame your mind that certain actions can get you far and others don't. 

Here's the importance of strategy and experimentations. Know that there are certain actions you believe are appropriate but brings you no results at all. 

In this case, always ask yourself, "What action do I need to get the result I want?" Be open to the things that can help you achieve your goal. If you need to do new actions to get new results then go for it. 

Keep experimenting on new ideas. Even when a certain action is working in another business, you still have to test that idea in your own business because every business is different. At the end of every experimentations, measure it based on your goal then keep only those things that work for you. 

It pays to aim to "Work smarter not harder," in your business especially when you are still having your day job. Meaning that once you find out the rights strategies and you plotted them, you can now do it with ease knowing that you are sure that it will bring you profitable results.  

4. Be resourceful. 

My idea of resourcefulness is finding answers to all of your questions as you encountered them in your online business. All the how to's about your graphic designs, marketing, selling and earnings and writing contents must be searched thoroughly, take notes on and apply in the business. 

My tips is to start with all the free contents online especially the free books. You can also read blogs, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube. At the same time try for yourselves the tips they are sharing. 

This road of free resources is time-consuming but for me who love details and finding things out  these are very helpful. 

Learning this way will make you aware of  your mistakes and what to avoid and what to share to others later. You will have the depth of learnings about your niche and you can be confident that you can answer all of the questions people will ask you when you ventured into teaching or coaching.  

I honestly do not venture yet into taking courses online (except the free ones) because I believe, I can answer all of my questions by searching and reading books. If time comes that these resources fails me, that would be the time when I would enter paid online courses. You see, I need to re-consider  the cost of these courses. If you can find the answers elsewhere, for free then there's no reason to enter any expensive courses.  

Another way of being resourceful is by finding out how you can afford the things you need. Instead of saying "I can't afford it" ask, "How can I afford it?" this way, you will be forced to think of ways to get what you need instead of being disappointed. 

5. Have growth mindset.

Believe that all can be learned. In the vastness of resources online, there is nothing that we cannot learn. 

Don't be afraid to make mistakes and fail because this is part of the process, be open-minded, it's part of the journey. Remember always that challenges and mistakes is the journey not a hindrance. 

Again, in learning, always begin with those free resources available to you. That's what I learned when I studied Business Management---it's using few resources you have to cut costs. When you exhausted all of these and still you find no results in your business or you still have many questions in mind, that would be the time for you to invest. 

6. Be risk taker. 

No risk, no reward. if there's nothing worst that will happen and you think there's a great gain, it's worth trying. 

If there is that burning desire. If there is that passion that makes you awake at night and you believe in it tremendously then, try it. Venture in it. No matter how much time and money you lost, you will still have something to gain that will serve you best in your next venture. 

And lastly...

7. Avoid Scarcity mindset. 

Don't say "I can't afford it, I have no budget, I have no money, It's too expensive." 

Stop looking for economical or be extremely frugal without a reason. 

Stop hoarding money instead learn to re-invest your profit. 

The same way, do not try to attract these people with scarcity mindset in your business. You don't need people who don't buy or too stingy enough to invest for themselves because come on, you are here to sell. You are in business!

In all your contents, put stress to being generous enough to invest in the relationships, in the business, in personal life. Focus on the benefits they can get if they do. 

Do not teach them to hoard money for something that may mean a lot to them. But, you got to make sure that you yourself is free of this dangerous scarcity mindset. 

Friends, this is my favorite blog post so far. I hope you learn something. I publish it here because I want  it to become my reference now and in the future. I want this also to remind me of the proper mindset I  should have as I conducted my business. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and don't forget to Subscribe. 


If you have questions about starting a business online related to art please post it in the comments. I will surely publish about it next time. 

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