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7 Ways to Decide which Online Venture is Best for You

 Sooo, you know by now that you want to earn online because you want to quit your job but you don't know where to begin. 

As a working mother who's not very happy in her job, I understand how frustrating it feels to get started earning online and make your dreams come. 

That's why I decided again to get in alignment with the purpose of this blog in the first place --- HOW CAN A  WORKING MOM LIKE US EARN A STEADY INCOME ONLINE SO THAT WE CAN QUIT OUR 9-5 JOB, WORK FROM HOME, BE WITH OUR FAMILY AND ENJOY THE REMAINING YEARS OF OUR LIVES.  

This will be a series of blog posts beginning today sharing the tips we must do from digging the foundation to actually earning online. 

I know I've got a little bit off-topic on my previous blog posts but promise, that will never happen again in the following blog posts. Instead, I will be more organized as to posting all about arts only on my Art Blog and posting about business here. 

It's just that on my previous blog posts, I am in the process of experimentation because this first step in our series is one of the hardest things to decide. And so, today I will help you choose where to go from here based on my experience. 

#1. Decide which Online Venture is Best for you. 

You must start somewhere and you must start choosing which online venture is close to your heart and where you would like to draw your income in the next years to come. Mine are the following:

  • Blogging
  • Affiliates
  • Survey
  • Selling Courses
  • Creating E-book
  • Selling art on POD sites
  • Influencer

Here are other suggestions:


At this point, you just have to choose. There is no need to overthink because the only way to know if this is a viable source of income for you is to try and experiment. In the online world, the best option for earnings is to have multiple sources of income. If time permits and if you are diligent to create content and products, soon you will earn a passive sustainable income from these different sources. 

#2. Make sure that this venture is related to your passions in life. 

I love writing. I love giving away tips that I personally apply to myself. I love creating content here and on social media. This is one that I passionately love doing. The other thing is painting. 

Based on these passions, I have chosen to sell arts on POD sites or maybe on any other art sites like Patreon and Skillshare. For writing and teaching, I chose E-book and Online Courses. As you can see, I am not deviating from the things I love because by this, I know I can last without feeling working at all. 

You see, the main reason why we will leave our main job is that we would like to have freedom from working on the things we hate doing. So it's better to avoid this in your own online venture. 

Also, don't choose the one the seems profitable with others but you don't like doing. Stick to your passions in life, be in the zone, pursue your talent or be miserable again in doing the things not aligned to your calling. 

#3. Make sure you can find time to do everything you need to make this venture a success. 

Because it's not easy. Just like a traditional business, you will need to invest money and time. A lot of those two! As a working mother, I know we don't have time. We have many responsibilities that it's often difficult to add more. 

Venturing to online entrepreneurship on the other hand requires much time and effort. This requires tedious research and studies, a long period of experimentation, and time to create content. 

You must be willing to give time and also money because after all this is business and you must treat it like that. No one can build a business without investment. 

When it comes to money, no worries, it's not as huge as you can think of. Just start with website expenses. We will talk about this and about time management later in this series. 

#4. Make sure that this venture can actually bring in revenue to you in the long run. 

Who can say that it will? Right? 

Still, you can do competition research and find what's working with them and find out what kind of venture do they earn more. You can experiment on your own. 

What I do not want you to do is to start thinking that this venture is not a serious one, that it is just a hobby, or that it is just a learning experience. This is how I think when I started. I thought of blogging as a hobby and only as a way to gain experience. That's true. Then I got burned out of creating content because nothing happened. I kept on blogging for years, jumping from one blog to another without direction and plan. 

Here's the thing, you've got to be true to yourself. You have to accept the fact you are not here to give everything for free. You also have your own dreams and plans and bills to pay. That means that whenever you start a venture, think ahead on how you will use this to earn money. Else, this can only be a waste of time. If you will write content, think about the product you can sell or the affiliates you can promote so when this content gains traction, you can earn from your effort. 

If only I know this before, I should have avoided wasting years and money and time for none. Maybe, I still have my very first blog until today and I don't lose the followers I have in those times. 

#5. Test-run in social media for you to know which will work for your current followers. 

Now, if you are still in doubt about which to choose, I would suggest that you test your ideas on social media. This is what I did for the past two years for my art. I created several arts and starting from hand lettering to anime to woman's face to floral. Floral is what clicks the most so this is what I am constantly creating nowadays on Instagram

Social media is the perfect way for you to test the waters if you are unsure of what to venture into or to set your focus on. If your goal is to earn as an influencer, you can start there to build your personal brand also. 

#6. Make sure that you can see yourself doing this for the next 5 to 10 years. 

I am sure I can stick to blogging and making art for the rest of my life because I've been into it since 2007 and even now, I never get tired of doing this. Again, let me credit this to the fact that this is my passion. This is something I cannot do without. 

I have been through many testings in life, many seasons, many hardships, different phases, different companies, in sickness, in health but what remains constant is the Jennifer who writes and draws.

With this, I am confident that I can still be who I am for the years to come and I would still be doing what I am doing today. 

#7. Make sure that this is something that you can be proud of.     

Just last Thursday, out of my will, I joined a pageant and showcase my knowledge by painting in front of so many people in my company. I said, out of my will because my boss just pushed me to join that contest. 

Well, for the talent I can be sure that I can win but forget about the beauty pageant sh**t! Hello, how can an introvert, nerd, and bookish woman win that battle? That's crazy. This is not even aligned with my personality so how in the world I could win with such? 

This is how I can picture myself doing the things I am never proud of doing. So, make sure that if you would decide to venture into an online business and you will spend the rest of your life doing and promoting it, make sure that this is something you are proud of doing. 

So there! I hope I was able to help you decide which online business to venture into through these tips. In conclusion, you only need to choose the one that you will enjoy because business in a sense is still working. Remember that you will leave your promising job in exchange for this, might as well make sure that this business will not make you feel working ever again. 

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Until next!

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