Saturday, April 24, 2021

Personal Blog: My 16 Years Old?

 When I posted the pictures of my son celebrating his 16 years old birthday yesterday to Facebook, some of my friends commented that they are surprised I already have 16 years old. 

I was surprised, too. That's too fast, my eldest son, my baby is now a teenager. Seriously? Then reality bites, I'm getting older, hah!

Hope I can stop the time, but why? Isn't this a matter of acceptance? I admit, like some of you, I feel insecure about getting older especially if you are working in a place full of young people. 

Still, I need to accept the truth and act accordingly. 

This is just a simple pandemic kind of celebration that we do in the house. I bought the cake in Red Ribbon, burgers in Jollibee and chicken in Andoks. I cooked the Bijon then, we shared some of the foods with our neighbor.

I also have my favorite Tanduay Ice coupled with Cracklings. I ate these while watching the replays of Hyatt, Turkey's telenovela after watching Fear The Walking Dead.

Of course, I've eaten a lot so I need to digest all the foods through intermittent fasting for 16 hours... almost :-)

Well, the past week was tiring! So much pressure from my boss and from the work itself so I decided to relax as we celebrate. 

Here are the photos I've taken yesterday... the highlights of his simple celebration. 

Just so you know, Hans became so helpful to me when it comes to fixing my laptop and cellphone. He's also able to fix his own PC all through research. 

I hope he stays kind and obedient. 💕

That's how we celebrated this day! On normal non-pandemic days, we go swimming. Hans loves swimming, every year we spend this event in the swimming pool or on the beach.

Even though, there is so much to be thankful for this day. At least, we still have something to eat together. God had been so kind to us!

How's your weekend?

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