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Web Copy that Sells The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time by Maria Veloso (Book Review)

Michel Fortin says, "Prospects never read anything at first; they never believe anything at first, and they never buy anything at first." What if you can write a web copy that induced sales-advancing actions from a single exposure? This is what the Director of Creative Web Writing, Maria Veloso, reveals in her book, Web Copy that Sells The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time.

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My copywriting chronicles continue. After reading Scientific Advertising I plunged to reading the Web Copy that Sells The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time by Maria Veloso. 

The more I read about copywriting, the more it becomes interesting to me. Not that I would like to write an advertisement. No. 

My aim is to write a blog post incorporating my newfound knowledge in copywriting to make a sale from the products or services I am and will be, promoting.  

I need to earn online and I know that you have this desire, too. 

I see this as a way to escape the toxic job I have. 

But blogging and copywriting are two different evil and copywriting offline is different online.

Can we tailor our blog post in such a way that we encourage the readers to buy without being salesy? If yes, how? 

Most of the Copywriting books available aimed to write ads offline. Sometimes, they mentioned blogging but I suspect, what they are teaching is far from how we write blogs nowadays. 

Still, I give Web Copy that Sells The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time a go. I read every word of this book as if my life depends on it. 

I've never been convinced after reading that I can incorporate to blogging what Maria Veloso was teaching in that old, 2005 book. After all, it's one of the two books I found helpful for Web Copy Writing. 

I was never disappointed. What she promised, she delivered. All I need is to put them to the test. 

The book promised to teach the principles of web copywriting so you can write web copy yourself. It was written for websites that depend on direct-response web copy to induce sales-advancing actions from a SINGLE EXPOSURE. 

Instead of simply presenting formulas or power words and phrases, Maria Veloso demonstrated how to acquire the mindset with which to view websites, e-mail, and all other marketing communications so we can write web copy that sells.  

After reading the book, I was able to compose my own outline for my next product blog post. 

I'm confident I can use this outline. I've been waiting to create this to become the standard format I can use as a blogging system for identity and branding.  

Maria presented me with the most powerful psychological principles underlying web copy that sells which offers devices, strategies, tactics, and tips that can make any websites sizzle with sales activity.

She taught me the formula to prepare the copy and then, showed me how to evaluate and rate the copy's selling ability. 

I'm not much into e-mail marketing but she taught me that, too. 

There's more, she gave me some tips about writing online ads, newsletters (or e-zines), autoresponder messages, and other marketing communications. 

If there's something that retains to mind, it's injecting emotion into the copy. She said, 

"If your words lack emotion, you won't sell a thing unless you can appeal to emotion. Remember, people buy on emotion and justify with logic."

Here are Other Quotations that Clarify my Understanding of Copywriting:

"Web Copy simply means the words that make visitors to your website pull out their credit cards and buy your product or service." 

"In the advertising world, the words employed to communicate a sales message in an advertisement or commercial are called advertising copy, and the people who write these words are known as copywriters."

"Similarly, Web copy refers to the words employed to communicate a sales message on the web, and the people who write these words are web copywriters. Although distinctly different in tone from advertising copy, web copy has the same objectives; that is, to generate leads, customers, sales, and, consequently, profits for a website. (Web copy should not be confused with web content, which consists of words written for the web for the purpose of informing, communicating, entertaining, or edifying the reader, not necessarily communicating a sales or marketing message."

"Web copywriting turns words into money seemingly out of thin air."

"Model the strategy that successful people use to be successful."

"The thing to remember is that it isn't you who decides what works, no matter how many years of experience you have in marketing, it is not you who determines the best-performing headline, offer, guarantee, or price. Nothing works until the tests prove it works."

Who Would Benefit from the Book?

  • If you are an internet marketer, entrepreneur, or website owner who sells (or plans to sell) a product or service online via your own direct response website. 
  • If you are a professional who approves, plans and executes internet marketing campaigns. 
  • If you are a writer (or copywriter) who is tired of being underpaid and barely earning a living--and who wants to transition to the lucrative specialty of web copywriting. 
  • If you are a webmaster who wants to learn the skill of web copywriting to expand the services you provided to your clients. 
  • If you are someone with moderate-to-good writing skills who wants to become a highly paid professional writer in one of the hottest, most in-demand fields in today's marketplace. 

I recommend that you read this book. 

I mentioned that it's old but the content is evergreen and still applicable today. 

To be fair, I hate the dead links from the book. I also want to know more about the author and her works but I found too little about her on the internet.  

Even so, I would keep his book as one of my references as I continue writing the product blog posts. 

This book opens my mind to a wide perspective of copywriting in the web. Now, I have a clear sense of Psychological tactics used in writing to persuade people to buy.  

I'm hooked. 

I urge you to do the same as early as now. 

In the word of Maria Veloso, "You find out which things worked and which didn't so that you can repeat more of what worked and NONE of what didn't."

"All the clicks in the world are worth nothing if your web copy doesn't convert those visitors into customers." 

I'll rate this book 5/5


The time is now to open your eyes to web copywriting and read the book that truly helps.

Here's the link again to Web Copy that Sells The Revolutionary Formula for Creating Killer Copy Every Time 

Click and enjoy it. I promise you will read the entire book in one sitting. 


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