Wednesday, November 4, 2020

5 Liberating Reasons Why you must have a Space for Personal Blogs about Life in your Website

"Life is easy to chronicle, but bewildering to practice." - E.M. Forster

Actually, I was contemplating if I will inject some personal stories to our series about Writing a Blog Post that Sells

But since this is a vast topic and a different one from what we are discussing in our series, I assumed it would be best to have a separate category for this personal documentation. 

My purpose for personal blog posts like this are:
  • To make you aware of my humble beginning and where my life is taking me as I venture into writing web copy that sells. 
  • To build a relationship with you as I share my life, my pain, and my little successes. 
  • To keep memories of the year 2020 onwards from the time I discovered the possibility of earning online (during the pandemic) to the time that I actually earn money online and perhaps, leave my 9-5 job.  
  • To inform my friends and family about what's going on in our lives because we are far away from them. 
  • To put some sense of entertainment in this blog that will motivate me to keep writing not only hard facts but also some lighter ones about things I can rant about.  
  • To have a place in my own blog where I can share my reflections and inmost thoughts. 
Because I believe that every blogger must have space in their blog for self-expression no matter what kind of niche they have. 

To write solely for your topic and for the audience will make your blog seems like an educational blog. 

"When we share only 'technical' tips, we become commodities. We become easily interchangeable with other bloggers sharing similar tips, and our voices get drowned out in a sea of me-too content.
To truly engage readers, we have to show them who we are. How else can we differentiate ourselves from the hundreds of providers competing for the same clients? How else can we get our readers to appreciate us as a person so they can’t wait to hire us?"

So weekly, I will write something about my life here to update you. This could be a reflection, sharing lessons, or simply telling my story. 

If you are not comfortable reading personal accounts feel free to search the blog for other helpful posts or simply visit here. 

Now let me tell you the liberating reasons why you must provide yourself a space in your own niche blog strictly for yourself. 

5 Liberating Reasons Why you must have Space for Personal Blogs about Life

#1. For healing.  

"As the number of studies increased, it became clear that writing was a far more powerful tool for healing than anyone had ever imagined." - James W. Pennebaker 

I started a blog for repose or as a way to escape my daily life. It is my repository of the life I live, the books I read, and the topics I care about the most. 

A personal blog can be your most intimate space where you can be at rest from all of your daily struggles--for me, it's being the sole breadwinner, being in a toxic environment, being a mom with kids on online learning, being someone suffering from a relationship, and being in Covid-19 pandemic times. 

I have a lot to share about these things. I actually need the freedom to share them in my own sacred place to help me heal within. 

The blog is very different for me than Facebook where relatives and friends are lurking--some just to pick gossip and some to judge. 

Here, I can be me and be with people who are only here because they are interested to know me deeply.  

You may not be my friend but at least, I have someone, somewhere who can relate to what I am going through. 

#2. For reflection. 

From time to time, we all need to sort our thoughts and clear our minds. 

We need to refect to clarify the things we find hard to understand. In the Bible, it's called taking thoughts into captivity.

To do this we need a journal or a blog like this.  

No matter what niche we have, it is important that we have a space to reflect our thoughts and simply pour out our feelings. 

Even when no one will read this space... it's okay, this is for us, this space is our gift to our best friend who is ourselves... 
Kilroy J. Oldster observes...
“Writing is mental exercise and the preeminent method to train the mind to achieve a desirable state of mental quietude. Meditative writing, a single pointed concentration of mental activity, induces an altered state of consciousness. Writing is studious rumination, a means to converse with our personal muse. Writing entails a period of forced solitude that enables us to meet and conduct a searching conversation with our authentic self. This contemplative dialogue with our true self is transformational. Writing is not a mere act but a journey of the mind into heretofore-unknown frontiers of the self.”

In each of your reflections or devotion do not forget to share your lessons or breakthroughs in life. Let this be the purpose of why you write this part. 

#3. To practice writing personal narrative, essay, or memoir. 

I love storytelling. 

Other than writing technical contents, personal narratives and other forms of writing is something that we must explore also.
This will deepen our knowledge of writing. 

This is such a good practice that will develop our writing ability. 

#4. To find a space you can call your own where you can run when you need to dump all the negatives inside. 

Letting this little space a freedom space to rant or voice out your opinion. Again, the purpose is for you, the creator and author of your blog. 

Others who can relate will find your rantings compelling simply because they can empathize with you or get what you are going through.  

#5. To simply be who you are. 

Authenticity brings others, even the readers of your blog, closer to you. 

"There's just some magic in truth and honesty and openness." Frank Ocean
So in your personal blog, don't be afraid to be you and be as open and as truthful as far as you can be. 

You own your blog so let it serve multiple purposes--healing, earnings, stressbusters--to serve you best.

My plan is to share my struggles as it happened either to ease my worried mind or sort my thoughts. 

When there's a lesson learned, I will write that down also so you can benefit from reading my personal blog.

If I have personal tips, I'll include them...

Let me know your thoughts. Do you believe it's okay to have a space for YOU on your blog or you'd rather keep it strictly for business purposes?


Loving is sharing. 💕

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