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Make your Kids Learn Better: Online Classes Essentials for Kids 2020

Research shows that children can do better in school when parents can provide more and better learning opportunities for their kids and if they can make their kid's environment as stress-free as possible. (Source)

online classes for kids
As parents, it is our responsibility to provide for the needs of our kids. When it comes to their studies, I believe we should not be so stingy if we have the ability to give them the best.

I am not saying that we give them expensive things, that's not necessary for them to learn.

But in their online classes, I suggest we buy the essentials that will last and will NOT give them headaches while studying.

In this blog post, I have gathered the most essential things our kids need in their room to comfortably learn better in school.

I know, some of you have bought essential items already. In this case, take a look at the products that you might have missed buying or maybe, consider buying one of these days.

Please note there are affiliate links in this post for products I recommend. This means, at no cost to you, I may get a commission if you make a purchase through one of them. Read my full disclosure here. 

Let us begin with the must-haves

Online Classes for Kids Must-haves

It's not considered online classes if you do not have any of these devices that you can use to connect to the internet and get connected with the educators online.

It's very important that in choosing the following devices, you'll make sure of the quality of the product and its durability.

You don't choose cheap just to have something to use because doing this is more expensive in the long run.

Also, I'm sure that you do not want your kids to be stressed and frustrated because of a fallible device. 

The internet connection in the Philippines is a pain in the ass already so let us not add another burden to this by choosing mediocre products.  

So I'll start with a...

1. Personal Computer

Make sure to pay attention to computer speed, hard drive storage, memory (RAM), and wifi ability. Learn more.

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2. Laptop

Check for size and form, screen quality, keyboard quality, and CPU. Learn more. 
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3. Ipad

Decide on memory and how it connects to the internet. Learn more. 
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4. Tablet 

I have tips and ideas for you here. 
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5. Printer

Printing outside is expensive. If your student uses it often for their projects and other important papers then, it is a must that you have one in the house. 
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Online Classes for Kids other Essentials

Once you have the basics, let us set-up your kid's home school by adding the other essential items and accessories for them to feel comfortable studying. 

6. Desk with Plenty of Storage

I fell in love with this desk the first time I saw it. At least it has a place for the whole set of your kid's personal computer or if you are using your laptop, the vacant place can be for their books or notebooks. 
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7. Ergonomic Chair

Research shows that back pain is a relatively common condition in children. (Source)

So as early as their childhood, we must ensure that they are using an ergonomic chair that is designed to adapt to their working condition. 

Read more about the benefits to the health of ergonomic furniture here. 

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8. Trolley

I saw similar from Mommy Fleur's blog when she talks about Anika's online classes' set-up. I love, love the idea or organization and mobility of using this trolley.

Really perfect for highly disorganized children (mine!) and a mom who loves to re-arrange the set-up of their room as often as I can (me, lol!)

You could easily drag it to wherever you want to put it. Same with your kids.

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9. Blue light Glasses

There is no proven evidence that blue light from the screen can damage eyes but it's best to follow some health guidelines like the 20/20/20 rule which means looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds after 20 minutes in front of the screen then... buy our kids blue light glasses. 

This is because we cannot tell what blue light can do in the long run. It's best to always prevent any damages before it even occurred. 

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10. Clock

Kids especially those under 10 do not have a sense of time. They don't care yet about their schedules. Putting a clock in front of them will make them aware of how much time they will need in a certain activity or lesson. 

Now that they have their classes, I often remind my children that they only have an hour after class to play. 

Since they need to finish so many modules, they have to spend most of their time doing their lessons. Once done, they can play their online games.    

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11. Tablet Holder 

The excessive holding of gadgets will risk your child for pain in the shoulder, forearm, or hand. Using a tablet holder can help them prevent this and helps them do their other tasks like writing, working with their modules, and creating crafts. 

This is good for children who are using tablets as their mode of online learning. 
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12. Adjustable Laptop Riser

Many of us do not know why there is a need to buy a Laptop Riser for our kids who are using laptops for their studies.

Well, a Laptop Riser can help you position the angle of your laptop so you can reduce screen glare, which can lead to eye strain and headaches. 

Basically, its purpose is to bring the laptop's screen to eye level preventing strain on your neck and back caused by a forced downward perspective.

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13. White Board

Like us, kids need reminders of their assignments, schedules, and other important tasks. A White Board is a must as part of their set-up and this is also a valuable tool to show their answer to their teachers on screen.

I just bought mine yesterday together with the marker and eraser.

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14. Calendar

I love this calendar. Very creative and educational. 

The children can re-arrange the magnetic icons which can make them familiar with the month, week, and days plus being creative at the same time. 
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15. Air Purifiers 

I have talked about this before in our work from the home set-up. You can read this here. 

So, since we're in the pandemic and there are some clinical studies that show Covid-19 can travel by air also, I would suggest putting Air Purifier in the room of your kids. 

Again, this is more about prevention and health care.   

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16. Mouse

How easy mouse can be broken nowadays?

Might as well, buy an extra to make sure you have a mouse for replacement in case of malfunctions.

This one is super cute for your child. :-)

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17. Mousepad

The ergonomic mousepad is the best choice also because it is designed so the wrist can rest on the foamy part of the mousepad hence, prevents your kids from wrist fatigue. 

Look at this, isn't this lovely? 
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18. Wireless Headphones

Why wireless? 

Well, even school classes have PE exercises, dancing, and some other activities that need them to stand up and move. 

Only wireless headphones can make them do these activities without the risk of accidental falling of devices and gadgets if their headphones or headsets are wired to it. 
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19. Metal Desk Lamp

Yup! Because they need to study even at night time to complete their modules. Primarily, a desk lamp is also to avoid eye strains. 

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20. Art and Craft Supplies

Lastly, I assumed your kids have their school supplies already. In our City, school supplies are supplied by the Local Government but they do not provide additional stuff like art stuff.

I saw this on Amazon. So complete and lovely isn't it?

Your kids will be encouraged to create when they have this in their art arsenal.

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Thanks that you made it up to the bottom!

Don't you know that students who took all or part of their course online performed better, on average than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction? (Source)

So don't fret about the hard stuff of being there most of the time for your kids when they study online and also for being there to assist them in their modular works.

After all, online studies are more beneficial to our kids' learning as compared to traditional. It is in this mode of studies that they can learn how to study independently.

I hope this round-up gives you plenty of ideas to help your kids learn better by setting up an environment conducive for their online learning.

In our next round-up, I will share some decorative ideas for Christmas decorations because... Christmas is coming!!!

Stay tuned for that. 

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