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How to Write a Blog Post that Sells any Products Online (Series)

Here's a series on How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online. This will give you ideas on how to write your next blog post in such a way that will get a click, sales, and conversion. 

how to write a blog post

Maybe you are asking…

Why I am not earning online considering that I have been blogging for several years, have lots of page views, and many followers? 

Or maybe, you are like me who has just started a blog with a goal of earning from it but you don’t know how to create content. 

I got you...

Because let’s be honest here …

Writing a blog post that does not generate money is such a waste of time.

I’ve been blogging since 2007 but never generate a dime from all of my failed blogs.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

I want you to remember from this day onward that the point of creating content is to produce sales, not shares or views.

You are not here to entertain or be creative, you are here to earn.

This is the reason why I am devoting this year to studying how to write content that brings in passive income.

So in the meantime, I will not focus on our typical product recommendations and book reviews. We will dive right into the techniques of creating blog posts that convert.

My tips will be based on a combination of copywriting and content marketing. 

But to set your expectations, I will not layout exact techniques or strategies suitable for your blog or niche. 

Instead, I will tackle most of the proven techniques. It's up to you to apply and experiment on which one will suit your blog best. So...

Here’s the Week by Week Topics that Teaches you How to Write your Next Blog Post and Add income to your Wallet:

I - Copywriting for Websites: 3 Transforming Secrets that Convert your Product Blog Readers into Buyers
II - Breeze through Writing Blog Post that Sells in 6 Easy-to-Follow Steps

III - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Know your Audience)

IV - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online ( Feature and Benefits)

V - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Headlines)

VI - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Introduction)

VII - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Blog Photos)

VIII - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Copy Formula to Choose From)

IX - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Studies & Statistics)

X - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Controversy)

XI - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Building Connection)

XII - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Deep Tease)

XIII - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Formatting)

XIV - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Transition)

XV - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (CTA)

XVI - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Conclusion)

XVII - How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online (Editing)

I will highlight (with a link) every blog post I completed here and I will put this article as a featured blog in the sidebar so you can easily access this for reference.

I also created a How to Write a Blog Post that Sells Any Products Online Cheat Sheet + a Free Blog Post Planning Printable for those of you who will subscribe here and join my journey to earning online.  

You can access the subscription below. Go get it, it's FREE!


Why did I decide to start the “How to Write a Blog Post that Sells” series? 

Let us say I am tired of blogging and failing and earning nothing in return.

I believe that in the heart of every person who started a blog, vlog, or social media account is a dream and a desire to eventually earn and live the life they want however they want it. 

This is true even for those who claimed that they are only blogging for fun or passion.

Deep inside, they want their blogs to take off, and then, they want to be popular to attract companies who will pay them for their influence.

I write this series to tailor our content just so the audience will trust us, click our product links, and pay us for the effort and time we devoted blogging. 

Creating content that sells or convert is not only for blogging, it's at the center of every online endeavor.

Without this basic knowledge, all of our efforts will go to waste.  

We need to approach blogging as a business right from the very start. Every design, every content we create, every picture we put into it must accomplish the purpose of conversion or selling.  

Here's why I started this series...

#1. To Find the Best Technique for Blog Content. 

I call this series a "Project" because I have written this for the purpose of finding which one will work and which one to discard. 

Like you, I am also in search of the best of the best advice from books and articles. By best, I mean workable, usable, and actually, bring in money on the content. 

Once we know what works, we can stick to it and make a system around it. 

This brings us to the next reason which is ...

#2. To build a proven system that will make publishing easier. 

Because many of us, working moms and stay at home moms, are busy. If you have a system set in place every time you blog, then blogging will not be that time-consuming for you. 

I need a blogging system that ensures every blog I write is set to getting the click I need to eventually bring-in the passive income we are all longing to earn. 

This is especially true now that I am promoted to a more demanding position in my company (Yay!). With this system in place, I can blog every day, after my shift and blog according to a set standard that will eventually bring in revenue. 

Another thing, setting a system in place will make it easier for us to delegate blogging to someone should a time comes that we need expansion. 

Lastly, a system in place is easy to duplicate for another blog should you want to start another and make them successful, too. 

This series will help you build this system with a clear understanding of why a certain step is included in creating your blog post. 

#3. For product reviews. 

You know that my blog is consists of products or book recommendations. 

Writing product reviews or recommendations is a challenge for me. I became too salesy at times so I need a proven strategy that ensures visitors will click on the products I recommend else, no income will be made and there will be no conversion also. 

It's easy to follow other blog's way of product reviews. In fact, we can read hundreds of blogs that recommend products daily. Filipino Mom Influencers do that every day in their blogs. 

But what I often notice is that they earn even when they just made mediocre articles. Articles that I can't even comprehend. Full of product descriptions and product events. As if the company feed them on what to write and they just copy-pasted them. 

I don't want to do that here. 

They earn from these reviews because they are blogging for several years already. They are influencers. They can write whatever they want and reach people who followed them (I doubt if they will buy those products but at least they will be aware).  

But we are just beginners with no name in this industry. We are still in the phase of building trust. The only edge we have is our content and we must learn how to tailor it to build that trust. 

#4. For selling affiliates (or your own products). 

I’m into affiliate marketing. I recommend products I found helpful for mothers in their daily lives.

Later, I would like to sell my own information products or e-books but for now, let us just create content that sells our affiliate products for some commission.

True enough, I am promoting affiliate products here while I am learning the loops. Why? Because I want to test and experiment with the ideas I found during my research. 

Reading is just 40%, the other 60% is for the application of what we learned. 

Whether we are gaining insights from courses or books, we must always test those ideas if it is suitable or workable to us and to our specific niche. 

This is why I don't believe in the notion that we must not sell right away in our blogs. 

If we have a blog that caters to make-money-online niche or product reviews, we are exempted. Else, how are we to know what kind of content will work. Right? 

#5. For Documenting. 

There are many reasons why we document. 
  • For sharing
  • For measuring success
  • For future reference
  • For writing your book or next blog post
  • For teaching courses
Whatever reason that is, what's important is we document the exact steps we made as well as the mistakes so we can avoid them. 

Again, this whole series is a study where all of us are learning as we go. 

I would like you to take note of every single result, success, or failures and document them on your blog. 

This document is what we will use to measure our success in our own niche. 

Our documentation will become our guide in the future. 

These are my 5 reasons. Are you excited for the next blog post? 

After all, every single blog post in this series is well researched based on the books I read and the blogs and articles I found online.

I will lay out here the techniques for us to try. Feel free to experiment with me and then, email me or write down in the comments the result of your own experiment.       

Do me a favor...

If you know someone who can benefit from this project, please share this post with them. 

And don't forget to subscribe to get a glimpse of what we will do moving forward. 

Until Next!

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