Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Book Review: Freehand - Sketching Tips and Tricks Drawn from Art by Helen Birch

“Drawing is marks made on paper… You don’t have to have an aim for your drawing. It can be about relaxation or visual energy. There doesn’t have to be a goal, though you may have one. Drawing can be instinctive, emotive, or intellectual. You may have big ambitions, or sketch as a passing fancy. You could be an art student, or draw as a hobby whatever, whoever, drawing is a great thing to do.”

As a resource to those of you who are fond of drawing and painting, here is a review of this art book I recently read. 

Freehand - Sketching Tips and Tricks Drawn from Art by  Helen Birch was first published in the United States in 2013.

The book is filled with many different examples with an aim to give us new ideas for our next projects.  This book is not a chapter by chapter reading but a page by page drawing or painting samples showcasing different materials in each drawing and describing how the artist does the artwork.

This book is mostly about analyzing examples of arts and sketches made by other artists. Helen explained how each art was made, what the medium used, and how the artist uses certain techniques to create their arts. 

On the first part, you will see many sketches, and only in the latter part you will read about drawing fundamentals. 

I also love the messy sketches of people, ah, I love drawing people. I am planning to read a book on how to draw people next.

I like how each sketch gave me new ideas on how I will use all of the available mediums I have already collected including the felt tip pens. I never thought that I could use those pens not only for coloring but for drawing and hatching also. I love to try that idea right away. 

There are so many ideas to choose from in the book that I didn’t know where to start. I love how Helen provided many behind the scenes information like if the drawing comes from a reference photo or if it’s made or edited digitally.

I was also amazed at the photos of artworks there. Simply looking at the artworks made me feel relax and calm. I remember the times when I often visited the bookstore to bury myself in many different art books. I just browse but not buy, lol!  I just love looking at the art photos. It relieve my stress.

I can't do this now because of the pandemic. I can only read online. Yet, browsing in the pages of this book really amazes me.