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20 Best Work from Home Setup Essentials for Health and Productivity

This the list of the best work from home setup essentials that will help you become comfortable, productive, and healthy. A recommendation for would-be online business owners.

Work from Home Setup Essentials
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It's been two months since I started work from home. I have this simple set-up in our room where you can see my eldest son's PC...

Right in front of the window is the PC provided by my company.

We have a very small room but this is large enough for me for our double-decked bed, two desks, one bookshelf, and a clothing cabinet.

A typical set-up for apartments here in the Philippines.

Work from Home Setup Essentials featuring my kids on their computer

I have another set-up near the kitchen table where I work on my laptop for blogging. That's a small table set-up. The table is like that of a sewing machine table where I put my laptop on. I blog and read on my laptop whenever I am waiting for my dish to cook or waiting for the washing machine to complete spinning.

My set-up is very simple yet I know that if we are serious enough to work our way to online business, it would be best to invest in the following essentials.

To begin with, I assumed you already have your Personal Computer or Laptop, Mouse, Mouse pad, and other tools that are on topmost importance.

If yes, then let's proceed to setting up your home office!

Top 10 Best Work from Home Setup Essentials for Health

01. Desk

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Desk is the number one essential for working at home. I personally have a few considerations when choosing my desk.

  • It must fit my apartment.
  • Adjustable enough to work standing or sitting position.
  • Healthwise, it should not cause neck, shoulder, or back pain.
  • Multipurpose if possible, something that I can use as a bedside table or kitchen table.
  • With storage and shelves for organize workplace.
  • With leg pads as to not scratch the floor when I move it and...
  • Sturdy and stable.

Desk is an investment of sort. You will work on it for the longest time. Might as well choose the best.

02. Office chair

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Next to the desk is the chair.

As all of you know, prolonged sitting increases your risk of chronic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. This is also bad for your mental health.

My very first consideration is if this chair can keep our back supported and our body properly aligned.

The armrest must be comfortable enough to put my tired arms on because I often write in between reading. I'd like also if I can adjust the chair so I can stretch every now and then. 

Rolling mobility and being able to turn 360 degrees is essential, too to avoid straining your neck and shoulders.

Hence, it is very essential that we decide wisely in buying our office chair. If possible, let's choose the ergonomically designed chair because this is designed to address our pain points. 

"Ergonomics," as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary is "an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely."

Health and safety is our number one priority when choosing our products. 

03. File Cabinet

I'm a little bit obsessed with the cabinet because when you have this in your home office, you will feel like you are in the real office. Aside from this, all of my bosses have this in their offices. Owning one made me feel, I'm like them! :-)

But basically, the purpose of having a cabinet is to organized your stuff. As time goes by, we often build up a lot of files, notes, notices, and bills. Nothing can make us feel more stressed than having them cluttered our desks or having to find a document we have lost or misplaced. 

I prefer this kind of cabinet that has rolling wheels at the bottom. I could easily push it anywhere in the room when I clean the area or when I change the position of my furniture.

Keep one for a more organized, clean, and cozy-looking home office. 

04. Air Purifier

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It's obvious that we need one nowadays to at least purify the air from the many contaminants that may affect our health, including Corona Virus. 

Many moms here in the Philippines are buying HEPA Air Purifiers for their kids' room as part of the set-up for homeschooling. 

I believe that we must have this in our work from home setup essentials especially, if we have asthmatic kids who's also in our room when we are working. 

This is important, too if we are in a very polluted city like Metro Manila. Actually, it is a must-have right here. 

05. Desk Lamp

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Primarily for illuminating our work area. Prevents us from straining our eyes. And help uplift our moods. A more productive reading, writing, and working experience is enhanced by good lighting. 

06. Computer Glasses

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Speaking of eye-strain, UV rays, and glaring? Well, computer glasses are a must-have also for protection. 

According to"Computer glasses are special-purpose eyeglasses meant to optimize your eyesight when you’re looking at digital screens. They’re designed to: reduce glare (a major cause of eyestrain), increase contrast and maximize what you see through the lenses—making it easier to look at a screen for longer periods of time."

07. Tea and Coffee Maker

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Sorry but let's mean it! We love coffee or tea, right? Coffee can make me stay awake when my schedule asked that I need to work at night. Coffee is what wakes me up in the morning, too to get me ready for work. And this is the same thing that made my cold stomach heated in the mid-afternoon.

I know, I know... this is not a healthy choice for those of you who are health-conscious but still, depending upon the person, this can help us to be productive. You can read more about the benefits of coffee in this blog post: 12 Health Benefits and 6 Disadvantages of Coffee. 

For us, Coffee-lovers, a  Tea and Coffee Maker is a must to have in our home offices.

.08. Ergonomic Wrist Pad

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According to"Keyboard wrist rests will move your wrists and forearms into the proper neutral position. This will alleviate pressure from your shoulders and prevent your wrists from bending backward. Proper wrist rests will also provide a comfortable resting spot when you're not typing."

A mousepad with a wristpad is the best and practical choice. 

.09 Water Bottle

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I always have a water bottle filled before starting my work from home because this keeps me hydrated. When you are in Customer Service, talking all day long will dry your mouth and throat. Other than Hydration, don't you know that there are many other benefits of drinking water at work? 

Read this: 

.10 Stress Ball

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"Practicing simple exercises with a stress ball can help reduce the risk of injury, increase flexibility, and build strength in your wrist, hand, and finger muscles. It can also be effective for improving performance for daily tasks or sports and rehabilitation of hands and fingers." -

Other reasons to check:

10 Best Work from Home Setup Essentials for Productivity

Why be productive? For me, this is more because I would like to do something every single day to reach my goal. That even if I have to work 12 hours, and work for household chores or help the kids with their assignments in the next three hours, I still would want to do something, no matter how little to reach my goal.

What is my goal? It is to earn online to leave my 9-5, to have control over my time, and be with my kids to guide them.

To be productive for me meant time management, planning my daily tasks, and having the tools and materials to help me work efficiently and timely.
For productivity, here are my list of essentials:

.11 Notepad

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"Notepads give you a great space to jot down your ideas and your working whether you’re doing maths, or whether you’re noting down structures and plans. You can also use notepads to work through more abstract goals, or to come up with new ideas. Mind maps, mood boards, and doodles can all help you to develop ideas and come up with solutions." -

I always have a notepad on my desk to jot down ideas that come on a whim. This is not only for my job but also for my blog and social media. There are also times when I am reading while waiting for my next assignment. In this case, I jot down ideas from the book. 

.12 Daily Planner

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"This is important for your personal and professional life. While many people think of productivity as it relates to their job, you also want to be productive at home. This might include getting cleaning and home organization done, or working on projects you keep putting it off. Regardless of what it is, planners help you to stay on track with each individual task you need to complete, and encourages you to move on to the next one effectively and efficiently." - Psychology Today 6 Reasons Why you Should Use a Daily Planner

I love Bullet Journalling. My daily planner consists of bulleted tasks that I crossed out at the end of the day when I'm done or transfer on the next page if not done.

It really helps me be productive every day. All of the tasks I have listed and crossed out assured me that my day is not wasted.

.13 Headphones and Speakers

If you are in a Customer Service line like me, headphone and speaker is a must. If you are also working online as a transcriptionist, online tutor, YouTuber, or podcaster, then you must have these as an essential tool necessary for your success. Here's an article for you to choose the best headphones and earphones.

.14 Cellphone Stand

I bought a cellphone stand last two weeks ago. It's a pink stand I used for my cellphone to stand while I am watching videos or reading a book online. This is really helpful because you don't have to hold your cellphone and suffer from fatigue and numbness. It is for your comfort, for safety, for productivity, and for cleanliness. Here are different types of Cellphone Stand to choose what you need.

.15 Cellphone desk charger

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Why it's important? For me, it's because I am using my phone while on the job. My passwords are tied on my DUO App so, it is a must for me to keep my phone charged at all times. Also, my boss communicates with us using our cellphones via messenger. Every time our internet acts-up, we need to report this to our boss. Hence, the phone is something we must keep workable at all times in a work-from-home setup. This is the same in an online business. If you have everything you need on your desk, you will lessen the time to stand-up and charge your phone elsewhere.

.16 Calendar

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Although we have this on our phones, it's still best to have one on our desk for easy reference when we lost the sense of time. When we have clients on call, they usually discuss something that needs us to look after the date. A calendar on the desk is for easy access when you need it. Also, you can use this calendar to write schedule appointments, meetings, deliveries, and special occasions.

.17 Clock

Clock is for monitoring your time-in, time-out, breaks, and lunch. If you are working in a company, you must keep up to your schedule or you will be punished for out of adherence. Time equals money. Even if you are working online as an entrepreneur, it would still be best to keep a time schedule in your daily routine. A clock is one of the most essential must-have on your desk.

.18 Pen and Pencil Holder

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If everything is organized, even your pens and pencils, you will be more productive. If you don't have to stand-up and look for a misplaced pen when you need it, then you will not be upset. Pen and pencils need their place on your desk so make sure that you have a Pen and Pencil Holder to gather these essentials in one place.  

.19 File Organizer

According to a recent survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal, “The average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year searching for missing information in messy desks and files.” The Gartner Group estimated “the average professional would waste 30 percent to 40 percent of his time on ”document-related non-value-added tasks,” i.e., paper shuffling. Now some of that wasted time has moved from paper to electronics…” - Read more on the 6 Benefits of Organizing your Office and your Computer

When you are working at home, it is not only the files you use for your work accumulates. Your bills, your journals, your notes, and many other paperwork build-ups. The rule is always to have a home for everything important and a file organizer is of great help in this.

.20 Cord Organizer

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I hate it when my house looks like a huge spider web because of cords and cables hanging practically everywhere. We can avoid this if we have Cord Organizer. This can reduce clutter, helps for easier cable tracing, for safety, and keep your work environment cleaner. You can also keep away the cords and cable not in use and store them in the cabinet.

Best Work from Home Setup Essentials 


Setting up our home offices for work from home or online business should not be expensive or extravagant but it should at least help us be more productive and healthy. 

I have given you the 20 work from home set-up ideas and tips for start-up. You don't have to buy all of these at once if your budget limits you but you have to set aside money to improve your home office. After all, you will spend most of your time in that area.

Having an online business does not mean that you will not spend up to eight hours in your home office just like you did in a traditional work office. Just to give you a heads up, you may spend more than eight hours there at the startup while digging your foundation.

If this is the case, would it be best to set-up your haven the best that you can? For us who have a limited budget, we can upgrade as far as our income allows.


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