Thursday, July 23, 2020

I am Now a Survey Time Ambassador! The 10 Advantages of Survey Time

Are you tired of looking after a survey site that really pays you money? Would you like to join a legit survey site? Do you want to earn after every survey? Then Surveytime is for you.

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I was surprised as I open my email yesterday.

Survey time gave me a chance to be their ambassador and I love it since I love taking surveys with them. In fact, it's in this survey site that I am really earning $1 several times a week after completing every survey.

This is unlike the other survey sites that I joined in which they let you earned points for so long before you can earn.

There are so many advantages in this survey site:

#1. They have gotten the highest rating on TrustPilot.
#2. They pay immediately right after every survey and there is NO thresholds.
#3. They are using Paypal which is an advantage for me.
#4. They are also offering gift cards as an alternative to Paypal.
#5. Each survey pays exactly the same, $1, short or long.
#6. No geographical restrictions. You can join anywhere in the world.
#7. You will not be kicked out in the middle of the survey due to ineligibility. At least, that never happens to me yet.
#8. The website is user-friendly and clean. You don't need to be tech-savvy to learn to navigate the website.
#9. The surveys are easy to answer although sometimes, you should read the instructions properly to follow-through which is just necessary. No worries, for Filipino, you can choose the Tagalog language as you answer your survey.
#10. You can open Survey Time surveys on cellphone without downloading any application which can only load-up the memory of your phone.

You can read my blog posts about surveys here. 

I highly encourage you to join Surveytime as a start-up for online entrepreneurship. This can actually help you earn money while learning the hoops and loops of online business. This can also open your eyes to the possibility of earning on the internet and will encourage you to find out more sites that will help you earn.

One dollar is maybe small for you but then again, this will add up to your online income. What's important here is that this website is legit and it actually pays. Your effort of answering the surveys every day will not be wasted.

Interested? Sign-up here.

Here are other Survey Sites that I suggest you join also:

  1. PaidViewPoint
  2. Mobrog
  3. Toluna
  4. ViewFruit
I'm actually part of these survey sites so you don't have to worry if they are legit or not. I will surely write a review of these sites once I cash out soon!

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