Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Book Review: The Big Book of Content Marketing by Andreas Ramos

“Make your customers the hero of your stories.”~Ann Handley

Book Review Content Marketing
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It's a Book Review once again.

My aim is to share with you the books that will guide you in the journey to achieve success in online entrepreneurship.

Every week, I am reading books every after work and early in the morning so that I have something to share with you.

This time it's "The Big Books of Content Marketing," by Andreas Ramos.

 Why do I read Content Marketing?

Andreas defines content marketing as information that people read, view, or hear. For me, I read about content marketing because I need this as part of the strategy to earn free traffic in my blogs as well as on my social media sites.

If you are sharing content in your blog, vlogs, or social media posts, then you need to study Content Marketing.

"The Big Books of Content Marketing" was made for companies or corporations but we, who are solo online entrepreneurs can also learn from it.

Ramos' content marketing is centered on the audience. The proper name for this should be CUSTOMER-CENTRIC CONTENT, according to him, which means it is for the customer’s sake.

The best forms of content aren’t sales materials. People want FAQ, help pages, product specifications, technical documentation, white papers, and comparisons.

Hence, we must always create best-in-class content. This will make us an influencer.

“For content marketing to be done well, it has to be in the context of the elements of marketing. You have to do the groundwork of setting business goals, branding, messaging, audience, and the buying funnel. With a solid foundation in place, you can build a content marketing strategy.”

  1. GOAL - STATE YOUR GOAL AS A NUMBER AND A DATE. This lets you measure progress towards that goal. A business goal is not a mission statement or a code of ethics. Those statements don’t support the business goals, give you targets, or set deadlines.
  2. BRAND - Salience and Ubiquitous in all channels. Your brand statement should be something that you can say in THREE WORDS, spoken, not written and your grandmother should understand what your organization does.
  3. AUDIENCE - You should define your audience.
  4. BUYING FUNNEL - Create content based on the phase of the buyers: AWARENESS, CONSIDERATION, PURCHASE. The content at the different phases shouldn’t be mixed up. The buying funnel can take up to six months or longer and involve different teams at each phase.

Other things that you will learn from this book are:

  • How to deal with competitors?
  • How to find topics?
  • Creating your content
  • SEO including the best SEO tools
  • Metrics based marketing

There are more tips to learn as you read the book. I only chose those we can use to earn online especially in creating content.

I am looking for specifics like templates on creating blog posts or social media posts but this book would not give us that. It does not tell us something about storytelling which I thought was part of content marketing.

The book is a kind of study reading. I have read this in the span of one week every after work and every morning.

STUDY READING, according to Gretchen Rubin, covers books that you will find fascinating, but are demanding, and that you might put down and neglect to pick up again. Taxing, in other words.

When I study read, I usually read while writing important information in my Book Review Notebook.

As you know, I am spending some time reading hard-to-chew books because I want to learn the techniques in different marketing strategies.

I recommend reading this book only if you would like to deep dive into Content Marketing and if you are serious to learn this subject.

Reading books are just a preliminary step. It's only 25% of the totality of what we need to learn and understand to really earn online.

But, as compared to reading articles on the internet, I encourage you to read books to become an authority in your chosen niche.

Having said that, here are some other books I recommend for you to read next:

1. Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Craft Your Company's Unique Story to Make Your Products Irresistible.

2. Master Content Strategy: How to Maximize your Reach & Boost your Bottom Line Every Time you Hit Publish

3. Everybody Writes: Your Go-to Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

All in all, "The Big Books of Content Marketing" is good and full of techniques that you can implement. I love the metric-based marketing suggestions in the book where Andreas explained that we need to measure our campaigns and strategies to find out what is truly working or not. Every decision should be based on solid data. This is something I have to work on next.

In the field of Online Business, we should play the part of a scientist, WE MUST EXPERIMENT to know which will work for us.

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