Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Book Review: Art Before Breakfast - A Zillion Ways to be more Creative no matter How Busy you Are by Danny Gregory

Art with the big “A” is for museums, galleries, critics, and collectors. Art with a small “a” is for the rest of us. Art is a business, an industry, a racket. Art is about passion, love, life, humanity--everything that is truly valuable. Art is sold, resold, put under the gavel, and insured up the wazoo. Art with a small “a” is not a product. It’s a point of view. It’s a way of life. Art is made by trained professionals and experts, art is made by accountants, farmers, and stay-at-home moms at restaurant tables, in parking lots, and laundry rooms. Art takes Art School. And Talent and years of suffering and sacrifice, art takes desires and 15 minutes a day. You may not be an Artist. Big whoop. But I know you can make art--with a wonderful, expressive, teeny, tiny a. 

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Book Review Art Before Breakfast - A Zillion Ways to be more Creative no matter How Busy you Are by Danny Gregory
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You might be asking why I am reviewing art books and art products here in this blog.

Well, it's not only because I love drawing as obvious on my Instagram, YouTube, and Art Blog but also because our passions in life can also become a good source of income in the near future. 

In fact, I would encourage you today that you find your passions in life like drawing, painting, writing, traveling, and the like. 

These inclinations of yours can become your profitable niche in the future. I will expand that topic in one of my incoming blog posts. 

But today, let me review this book, Art Before Breakfast - A Zillion Ways to be more Creative no matter How Busy you Are by Danny Gregory for those who love to draw like me. 

Pardon me but I love reading books also so expect that you


The book teaches you how and what to draw every day. It teaches about the elements of drawings in the bite or nugget size. It provides a reason why you should draw or learn to draw. It tells you how to develop a creative habit, deal with perfectionism, and handle your inner critics.

It teaches you how to use pencil color, watercolor, crayons and other tools to bring your drawing to life.

Other things you can find there are about portrait drawing, drawing with companions, drawing people, using photographs as a reference for drawing, urban sketching, and travel journaling. All in a nugget sized that a beginner could really understand.

What I like is how it gives importance to drawing your feelings or capturing the spirit of your object not primarily to the technicalities of the drawing. I also love the illustrations. Danny delivers his message in a funny, encouraging, and attractive way.

Once you start reading the book, you will not put it down.

Quotations that jump out on the page as I read:

“The most beautiful things have character and experience built into them.”

“Creativity is the art of shaping the mush of the world around us into something of creating your own order.”

“Drawing is about observation, about dismantling what you are looking at into the lines that make it up and then recording those lines, one after the other, on a piece of paper.”

“When you sit down to draw something, time stops its crazy dance.”

“If your drawing is wonky, cool. That’s expressive. That’s art.”

“Making art slows us down enough to see the details, the wrinkles, the world within worlds.”

“Everyday contains a thousand little servings of free time you might just have overlooked. And each moment contains beauty, wonder, and models you never need to pay.”

“Mistakes are lessons in disguise and accurate reflections of your true state.”

“Drawings last longer than food, TV Shows, and many relationships.”

“The most super compliant, super available model every artist has is himself.”

What I don’t like in the book is focussing too much on the daily prompts, (although that’s helpful, too) however, what I expect is more about finding time to draw for busy people. Somehow, the title is quite misleading.

Nevertheless, this book is best for beginners. For those who have the desire to draw and who are just starting to explore the subject that’s suitable for them.

I will rate this 5/5. 

You may read the book here. 

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